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Italien: 110.400 EUR added beim IRHA Reining-Derby 2019 vom 20. - 25. Mai in Cremona
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Um 110.400 EUR added Preisgeld reiten die Teilnehmer des italienischen Reining-Derbys vom 20. bis 25. Mai 2019 ,
das in Cremona stattfindet.

Startlisten/ Livescoring/ Ergebnisse Livestream
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25. Mai: 2019 IRHA-NRHA Derby Open Final

The 2019 IRHA/NRHA Derby showcased some really nice reining: as the bar was raised both the thrills and technical prowess gradually increased to an extent uncommonly seen in recent times. There were 47 at the starting blocks, with many showing determination, skill and dedication. There was a sudden surge in scores after Gennaro Lendi passed the “Gate of Champions” riding Anna Parodi's Arc Step Above: from Dominik Reminder and Call Me Voodoo’s (owner Elisabetta Zoccarato) clean run marking a 219.5 to a rip-roaring 223.5. From that moment, the suspense was palpable with almost every competitor, and there were another 10 to the end of the final, all attempting the impossible. For example, the great Ann Fonck, who still had two bullets in the barrel among the last “ten”, rode Brigitte Steiner's Spook N Ruffles to a 222.5. Mirko Midili, fresh from the NRHA European Open Championship title, here aboard Whiz Wild West, the “heroic horse” that in the space of a few days ran in four demanding rounds of this Derby, taking owner Edoardo Bernardelli to the top of the Non Pro Level 3 and Reserve Champion Level 4 and running a risk-filled Open qualifier, still had the energy to take Mirko to a great third place with a 223 on a tie with Nico Sicuro and Sugar Little Step. Yes! That Sugar Little Step, the beautiful palomino stallion owned by Quarter Dream who along with Gennaro Lendi had travelled to the Oklahoma NRHA Derby to gain his place in the sun. Then in he came: just 23 years old, directly from Poland which, though bolstered by the excellence of the Roleski Ranch, is not yet one of reining’s leading nations. Yet Lukasz Czechowicz, already co-go-round leader Level 4 along with Ann Fonck and Gunners Specialolena, and previously among the protagonists of the Big Futurity last December, pulled out all the stops with CSG Magnifique Gun to produce a breathtaking run and achieve a 225. And the podium. As he exited the arena Lukaszremoved his hat and waved in response to the massive applause from the stands. Minutes after completing pattern 12 and capturing the Level 4 Championship, Lukasz laughingly said he would have to watch the video to see his performance on the 6-year-old CSG Magnifique Gun, as it was all a blur: “For me, it’s a dream come true. This is what I wished for as a boy and even when I arrived here [in Cremona] I was not really expecting this outcome.” This was a run that left many here thinking ‘Wow! That’s how I’d like to spin’! “He always spins well” commentedCzechowicz, “but tonight he was unbelievable”. Following the qualifier, the 23-year-old Polish professional chose to keep the stallion relaxed: “The only risk was that he would try too much on the turnaround, so I just wanted to slow him down”. The horse is owned by Katarzyna Roleska and was sired by the Roleski Ranch’s lead stallion Colonels Shining Gun out of Im Magnifique (by Magnum Chic Dream). The Roleski Ranch is also where Czechowicz developed and matured his reining ability: he has been trainer there for the last 5 years, since leaving school at 18. He acquired his early skills from his father who rode Western disciplines. Lukasz explains: “This stallion was started at 2 years by Cira Baeck and then trained by Bernard and Ann Fonck; in fact, Ann took him to the final of the 2017 NRHA European Futurity Open. I got him when he was already trained but I have been riding him now for 2 years and we have developed a great feeling, especially in this last year.” Czechowicz was Level 3 Champion at the NRHA Euro Futurity Open here in Cremona last year on Katarzyna Roleska’s CSG Piggiemove and Level 3 Champion at the Italian Futurity last December aboardCSG Copshot. Plans for the future with this stallion? “To compete in the European Derby in Germany in July, and then we’ll see.” Reserve Champion at Level 4 was Gennaro Lendi riding Arc A Step Above, the son of Walla Walla Whiz and Wimpys Little Chic owned by Anna Parodi. The pair, Open Level 4 Champion at the 2018 Derby International de Lyon and 2019 Open Shoot-In Reserve Champion, marked a 223.5 to secure their place on the podium.

2019 IRHA/NRHA Non Pro Derby

Thirty-nine duos in a Derby that, by and large, confirmed the qualifier, with three of the four Non Pro Champions already with a foot on the podium after the go-round at their respective levels: at Level 4 Carlo Ambrosini with Gunnalittlestep, L3 Edoardo Bernardelli and the talented gelding Whiz Wild West and L2 Wolfgang Hammer and Mr Ricochet. The only “new entry” came from the performance of pretty, young Franziska Wallner, the only lady rider among the Champions, who advanced 12 positions from the qualifier with Mai Tai Enterprise, adding 3 and a half points to her score to take the Level 1 title.

At the end of the go-round, nineteen-year-old Ambrosini told us that he had ridden Gunnalittlestep for the first time just the day before... It sounded like a joke, instead it was completely true. Indeed, blessed is the character of the Quarter Horses - or at least of some of them: Gunnalittlestep who, by the way, is only 4 years old, led him straight to victory almost without knowing who was in the saddle: “My father had entered the Derby himself on this horse but he could not be here when a work commitment cropped up suddenly,” Carlo explains. “For me, it was a pure stroke of luck! So, I want to thank my dad a lot, as well as Marco Pettinari who deserves all the merit for preparing Gunnalittle so perfectly!” A half point above his go-round performance brought the son of Gunnatrashya and Gay Jays Little Step to the top spot. Ambrosini describes him as “Really good and sincere; all I had to do was make a confident start and he gave me his everything. This horse may not produce +1, but he can achieve + ½ in all the manoeuvres, and this is what it takes for a Non Pro”. Carlo admits he was nervous as the final approached as the fact that he was “standing in” for his dad, whom he greatly admires, added that extra responsibility: “But I have learned that being decisive when you go through the gate always pays,” he explains, and his approach worked as well this time as it did throughout last year for the young rider from Lombardy who in 2018 made it into the world Top 20 with over $ 76,000 in lifetime earnings. Gunnalittlestep, previously third at L3 and fourth at L4 at April's NRHA European Futurity between the reins of Carlo’s father Pietro Paolo, was bred by Angelika and Markus Gebert but was started and trained at Ambrosini QH where he is managed by Pettinari (Rudi Kronsteiner also showed him in 2018). When describing the few hours he had to get to know this horse prior to entering the arena the first time Carlo is sincere, saying he did not take an immediate liking to him. “You have to leave him be, and let him “get on with it”, while I prefer to be a little more incisive when I ride. But then I realized that he is cool and reliable, and my confidence grew”. Now Gunnalittle is headed for the 4-year-old Futurities and all the European Derbies. A long road in which he will be accompanied by Carlo... “I’m going to steal him... sorry Dad, say goodbye to your horse! My thanks go to my mum, the Ambrosini Team, my girlfriend Francesca Bosoni and my best friend Andrea Pedrotti who is always by my side when needed”.

20. Mai: Premiere des NRHA Global Youth Reining Cups auf dem Italian Reining Horse Association Derby

Am 25. Mai 2019 wird im Rahmen des IRHA Derbys die Premiere des NRHA Invitational Global Youth Reining Cup stattfinden. Jedes NRHA Affiliate kann einen Jugendlichen im Alter von 12 - 18 Jahren benennen, das für sein Land reitet, Dazu werden Reiter aus 19 Nationen im Wettbewerb erwartet: Argentinien, Australien, Österreich, Belgien, Brasilien, Kanada, Frankreich, Großbritannien , Ungarn, Israel, Italien, Mexiko, Niederlande, Paraguay, Polen, Spanien, Thailand, Uruguay und die Vereinigten Staaten.

Heute wurden die Startlisten veröffentlicht, der Global Youth Reining Cup findet ohne deutsche Beteiligung statt:

2018: Italiener hatten die Nase vorne - spannendes Derby Open Finale in Cremona

Cremona. Am gestrigen Samstag ging das italienische Derby mit einem spannenden Open Finale zu Ende. Die ersten beiden Plätze gingen dabei nach Italien und Belgien. Pierluigi Chioldo gewinnt mit „Saturdaynight Mizzen“ im Besitze von Susanna Sodi und einem Score von 224 in Level Vier. Gennaro Lendi und „Sugar Little Step“ im Besitze von Quarter Dream SRL landen auf dem zweiten Platz, den er sich jedoch mit Ciura Baeck auf „Gunstep“, Besitzer CS Ranch Management, teilen muss. Beide erritten einen Score von 222,5. Platz Acht war für ein deutsches Pferd bestimmt, nämlich „Shiners Voo doo“ im Besitze von Kimberly Wegner, geritten von Ann Fonck mit einem Score 217. Knapp dahinter – auf dem zehnten Platz - landete Grischa Ludwig mit „Whiz n Spook“ im Besitze von Margot van Doorne und einem Score von 216,5. Auch in Level Drei hatten die Italiener die Nase vorn: 1.: Pierluigi Chioldo auf „Saturdaynigh Mizzen“ (Bes.: Susanna Sodi), Score 224, 2.: Massimiliano Ruggeri, „Wimpy Margarita“(Bes. Maurizio Ferrarol), Score: 220. 3.: Lorenzo De Simone, „Smoking Dun It“ , (Bes.: Azienda Agricola 23 QH), Score 219,5.

Ein beachtenswerten sechsten Platz können Kim Obenhaus auf GK Puro Pepp, im Besitze von Timo Aulbach, mit einem Score von 215,5 für sich beanspruchen. Platz 20 war Josefin Lintner auf „Gunners Western Star“ (Anaais Gasser), Score 209 bestimmt. Der erste Platz in Level Zwei geht ebenfalls nach Italien und zwar an Aldo Lorenzoni auf „Chica Little Step“ im Besitze von Claudio Zocchi, Score 216. Den zweiten Platz jedoch kann sich Kim Obenhaus sichern mit GK Puro Pepp, im Besitze von Timo Aulbach, mit einem Score von 215,5. Ebenso Platz 21 mit „SG GunnerspecialWhiz“ (Bes. Gina de Pauw), Score 206. Platz 16 geht an Josefin Lintner und „Gunners Western Star“ (Anaais Gasser), Score 209, was zugleich Platz Acht in Level Eins bedeutet. Und hier noch die drei Erstplatzieren in Level Eins: 1.: Massimo Villa mit „Hollywood Gun Kid“ (Bes.: Edoardo Bernardelli), Score 213. 2.: Alicja Kula, „Shiner Whiz Olena“, (Bes.: Katarzyna Roleska), Score, 212,5. 3.: Giovanni Zucchi auf „San Olena Broc“ (Bes.: .: Giovanni Zucchi), Score: 211. Als Richter fungierten: Nicholas Baar, Juliane Rossner, Richard Lemay, Lara Rina Maiocchi und Joe Hayes.

25. Mai: Tina Künstner-Mantl gewinnt das Non Pro-Finale

Mit einer 222 gewinnt Tina Künstner-Mantl auf Mizzfire das italienische Non Pro Derby 2018 und setzt sich damit gegen Gina Maria Schumacher durch, die in Level 4 auf Xtra Step N Diamond (220,5), Wham Bam Gunner Man (219) und Snip O Lution (217) die Plätze 2 bis 4 belegt.





22. Mai 2018: Deutsche Reiningreiterinnen an der Spitze des Non Pro-Vorlaufs

In diesem Jahr wurde die erste Runde des IRHA / NRHA Non Pro Derbys 2018 in zwei Gruppen aufgeteilt, am Montag und am Morgen des Dienstags. 135 Paare gingen an den Start, davon 50 in Level 4, 72 in Level 3, 112 in 2 und 98 in Level 1.

Wie immer war auch die talentierte deutsche Reiningreiterin Gina Maria Schumacher in hervorragender Verfassung, die ihre drei Pferde in die Top 4 plazierte: Wham Bam Gunner Man (219,5), Xtra Step N Diamonds (218,5) und Snip O-Lösung (217).

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