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FEI European Reining Championship: Germany Takes The Team And Individual Gold
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September 6, 2003

The inaugural FEI European Reining Championship was won by Team Germany who earned both the Team and Individual Gold Medals. The competition was hosted in Reggio Emilia, Italy, where the first-ever FEI CRIO took place. There were eight participating nations: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy and Switzerland. Three individual riders: Yves Fromont and Gerald Fievet from France and Daude Henning from Germany also competed.

The first go round of the competition ran on Friday, August 29th, and saw Team Germany take the lead with a total of 641 points. Switzerland, Great Britain and Israel stood in second place with 634 points each while Team Italy was fifth with a score of 631.5.

"It was exciting to see the representation for the first FEI European championship. The competition was really exciting. With Israel, Great Britain and Switzerland all tied for second place after the first go, it made the riders really step it up for the Final go. The anticipation was high as the medallists were not determined until the last rider," said NRHA Executive Director Dan Wall who was in attendance.

On Saturday, in the second go round, competition stepped up as European reining enthusiasts gathered in the stands to cheer for their home countries. Team Germany members Alexander Ripper riding Solanos Warlee Boy (220), Maik Bartmann riding Twist N Shout Whiz (211.5), Jurgen Pieper on GB Jac (216) and Oliver Stein on Enterprise Winder (213.5) scored a total of 649.5, bringing their composite total to 1290.5, which assured them the Team Gold. Thanks to the 214.5 obtained in the first go round and the 220 in the second, Alexander Ripper clenched the Individual Gold Medal. "This is truly a great Team," said smiling Coach Paul Kratschmer, "and working with them was so easy!" "It's my first time showing on a team and I am simply thrilled with this achievement," said the 22-year-old Ripper.

Team Italy members Giovanni Pagani on Show One Mark, Matteo Paracchini on Wheres Snapper, Francesco Arrighi on Vudu Dunnit and Marco Ricotta on Mifillenium scored a combined total of 852 to advance three places and win the Silver Medal as well as the Individual Bronze, which went to Ricotta and Mifillenium. The President of the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE), Cesare Croce, who closely followed the performance of the Team said: "Seeing the achievements of our athletes in the past, I would have enjoyed having our Team on the first step of the podium. I am however, proud of the work done by Team Coach Lucia Simonazzi, and that of our riders, who in the second go round gave their very best".

Bronze Medal honors, with a total of 1279, only a half point behind Italy, went to Team Switzerland whose members were Manuela Graf riding Sailwins Pride, Jeannette Kraehenbuehl riding ARC Golden Boy, Daniel Straumann riding Gallo Pequeno and Judith Baumeister on Top Boggie Sail.

This is the first medal for the Swiss Team, which has competed extensively in European CRIO events. The Team also qualified for the 2002 World Equestrian Games.

The individual Silver Medal went to Rosanne Sternberg of Great Britain who earned this prestigious spot after obtaining the top score of the second go round, a 220.5, astride her 14-year-old stallion Nijomi Sonny Reb. Michael Stone, FEI Sports Director, summed up the feelings of all those present. "This is a fantastic achievement. The enthusiasm generated and level of competition was beyond all expectations."















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